Clio Galea

All products are handcrafted
by the designer Clio Galea

About The Designer

Anna Clio Galea, known to most as simply Clio, is a New York based designer and a BFA student at Parsons School of Design. She has an extensive knowledge of art & design, and has studied patternmaking, sewing, illustration, and textile art at the precollege level at the Fashion Institute of Technology, London College of Fashion, and Central Saint Martins. Originally from West Orange, New Jersey, Clio has grown up with both a love of fashion and fine arts, and is self-taught in drawing and sewing. In August of 2017, Clio Galea moved to New York to pursue fashion design at Parsons, and has been building her brand as an artist and creative visionary ever since. All of her illustration is done by hand on paper, and her embroidery and beading is done by hand as well.

Clio Galea's approach to fashion is to highlight and celebrate the beauty that self expression through clothing brings to the human body. She believes that the human body carries immense power and energy, and should be celebrated rather than hidden. Through her work, Clio encourages individual self expression through the sexual energy and beauty of the human body; paying tribute to femininity and the power of the female mind. She also seeks to express her own identity and unique personality and outlook on life through the artwork in which she puts out to the world. In short; Clio Galea seeks to bring a part of herself and her world to every piece of clothing she creates.